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Welcome to Simple Gestures! For inquiry, email us at
Welcome to Simple Gestures! For inquiry, email us at

About Us

At Simple Gestures LLC, we strive for perfection... like any business should. We aim for customer satisfaction by providing excellent communication, fast services, easy access to mock-ups and so much more. Simple Gestures is based in the great Las Vegas, Nevada with an expertise in creating custom apparel.


Shaun was born in California and promptly moved to Las Vegas, Nevada within his early teen years. From the very beginning, Shaun was very work dedicated. He was motivated to make everything simpler while still committing to the "simple gestures" we should all be following. Forward to June 2021, Shaun had the amazing idea of creating a custom apparel company inspired by his idea of "1 simple gesture will go a long way." 


Mindy was born in Las Vegas, Nevada and immediately entered the retail side of business early on. She captured the space of customer service from an early age and knew what it takes to please the customer and make the process of ordering, very simple! She then jumped into the custom apparel space and instantly strived. She knew what materials were the best and different settings for different machines.


From here, they combined their knowledge and their expertise to create Simple Gestures, your one stop shop for everything customization. 


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